27 June 2008

Disc Golf Mecca!

We just got back from a visit to Dad and Trisha's new home in South Carolina. Other than the drive there and back, it was a very relaxing week. We relaxed on the porch, drank good wine, ate good food, played a few rounds of golf. . . . Good times.

A highlight of the trip came when we all went to play a round of disc golf. I searched online (at http://www.pdga.org) for nearby courses. The closest good course was in Appling, Georgia. Off we went. When we got there, we discovered that we had stumbled upon the recently completed PDGA International Disc Golf Center-- the location of the PDGA Hall of Fame! It was cool. We all had fun playing the "Steady" Ed Headrick Memorial Course, named for the father of disc golf. 2500 disc golf courses in the United States, and we accidentally find the Mecca of the sport.