21 April 2007

Old Coots win!

Yesterday was the Coots vs. Whippersnappers softball game. That's not the actual name, but if I put the real words (which are similar), students may find this blog. Anyway, it's our student/faculty softball game. The faculty always win. Always. If, at the end of the day, the students are in the lead, we invoke "retroactive norming" to make the the score more. . . accurate.

Here I am getting a hit. I only took one at-bat, so I can claim that I am batting 1.000! Not many players can claim that. (Note the FSU cap and the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers. Cool, huh?)

I actually made it home! Here I am, having just crossed the plate with my veteran colleague Bill celebrating my run. My shirt is shameless self-promotion of my summer class. If I don't get enough students, I'll have to get a summer job! (My hair is getting long. . . .)

Astoundingly, we won the game (with some rather generous officiating playing a minor role). It was great fun. I have assumed the mantle of Captain Coot. (None of the more seasoned members of the faculty wanted the job.) My main task is trash-talk. I'm good at that. Last year, we had only nine members of faculty and staff who played. This year, we had over twenty. My inaugural outing as Captain was a success!

Good times.


Anonymous B said...

What great action photos! You were lucky to have such a talented photographer document your success.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I can't believe that shirt!!!

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Oh, it's Captain Coot... I misread it as Captain Cool, which I changed to Professor Cool.

4:40 AM  

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