18 July 2007

We are back and I am 40.

We returned from our trip to England on Monday. My schedule is still a bit wonky.

My paper at the conference went well, and we had a great time. We traipsed all over London, and we took day trips to Canterbury, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath, and Oxford. (The picture above is me at Oxford.) I took about 700 pictures. It was good to return to my old haunts.

On another note, I turn 40 today. I suppose I am supposed to be freaked out about it, but I'm not.


Blogger philip booth said...

Happy (belated) 40, Doc.
Don't worry: It's all downhill from here.
Just kidding. Hope your b'day and your trip were great.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

I have a suggestion for categorizing ages:
Freshman- 0-20
Sophomore- 21-39
Junior- 40-59
Senior- 60-79
Post Grad- 80 and up

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Derrick said...

40???? Jesus you are old! Oh, I guess I am only 3 years from 30 so...never mind!!

3:57 PM  

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