24 May 2007

Towel Day!

Tomorrow is Towel Day. There will be an observance of Towel Day at the local book store downtown. We will be performing a reading of the original BBC radio script of THHGTTH. Join us! Read! There are many prime parts still up for grabs. (I've already got dibs on Arthur Dent.)

If you can't be there, then just carry a towel all day. After all, a towel "is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have."


Blogger Philip Booth said...

hey, Prof, my son, 11, has become a huge fan of The Hitchhiker's Guide movie. He (and we) watched it at least twice over the weekend.
Movie left me cold. I've yet to read the book. Will I like it more than Dick or Vonnegut?

10:32 PM  
Blogger tallahasseelassie said...

Hey, Professor Noir, update your blog please. Tomorrow is not towel day at this time. Are you trying to confuse us?
I hope you've told Philip Booth that many avid readers of the book didn't like the movie, though I did.
Your dear old mother

10:06 AM  

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