18 February 2008

We are the champions!

Either that or the Bigger Losers! You see, the normal snowfall for this point in the season is 35". We've had about 90". That is the highest total for any YEAR on record. The old record was a mere 76". We'll break 100" by the end of the season. We got about foot of the stuff yesterday. Sigh.

Time for fun with snow. In the picture above (of the back yard of a neighbor), can you count the vehicles? If you said one, you might live in Florida. There are three vehicles in this yard! (Two of them are to the left of the shoveled-out S.U.V.)

I've been lucky. I have a few neighbors with snow blowers, and they've been huge helps with our sidewalk. I paid a neighbor today to get as much of the snow and ice off of the roof as he could. The streets look like white canyons (what with all the snow piled on the sides). Classes at the college were cancelled again today, since the roads had not been cleared yet.

Any way you cut it, this has been a crazy year!