21 January 2008

Checking in. . . .

It's been a long time since I have written an entry. My wife is giving me some friendly grief about that.

We went to Tallahassee for Christmas to visit family. The visit went very well; it was great to see everyone, and the warm weather was nice also.

When we got back, I immediately started teaching a three-week Winter-term class (film studies). The assistant dean in charge of scheduling did not think that I could get the 13 students required for the class to break even; I have 31. I am very good at shameless self promotion. That class wraps up tomorrow. The Spring semester begins next week (though faculty reports tomorrow). My supervisor thinks I'm nuts to not take a break; he's worried that I'll burn out.

This has been a crazy winter. We've had ice-dam roof issues. I had to re-do the kitchen ceiling because of water damage. Now the roof is covered with snow again, so I am worried about a recurrence. Sigh. The joys of home ownership. There's something to be said for renting after all. . . .


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