04 March 2007

Snow Oscar, Part II

My lovely wife was disappointed that I posted such a boring picture of my snow Oscar. She prefers the picture of me "accepting" the award. (If I ever had to give such a speech, it would be tough to get out of my mind the famous example of the importance of the comma before the "and" in a series-- "I'd like to thank my parents, Ayn Rand and God.")

Anyway, it has been a week since the Acadeny Awards, and my snow Oscar is. . . leaning. In fact, I think he is defying gravity! It's a darn good thing that I DID give him a sword! That blade is turning out to be more of a cane. Maybe I should tell people that I have built a snow Dr. Gregory House. . . .

03 March 2007

First cold, then snow

Last month, it got down to around 20 below (twenty-two below at a co-worker's house just south of town); this week, we got slammed with snow. There has been a couple of feet of snow. This would be no big deal, except the plows push what is in the streets to the edge of your property. Thus, we end up with walls like those above. You can see my lovely wife shoveling the snow. She's been great about sharing the work.

The one advantage of all this snow is that I finally got to make my first snowman last Sunday. Nerd that I am, I was not content with the traditional snowman. I made a snow Oscar-- after all, it WAS the day of the Academy Awards. Our friend Bill came over for the Oscars, but he thought I had built a snow King Arthur! He said the sword threw him off. He's a member of the Screen Actors' Guild, and he did not know that the Oscar statue held a sword! I should have painted the whole thing gold....